Shame on you AHS!!!

American Home Shield showed today that they do no understand the meaning of either taking responsibility or customer service.

My client had them send an air conditioning guy out to look at her unit and clean and inspect it. The unit was working fine, she just was worried about the summer hot temps coming up and it’s an older unit. The Tech told her it only needed to be cleaned especially the blower motor. After Cleaning the parts and putting them back he broke it. The next day they replaced that part and found out that the controller unit was broken as well, the tech “might have spilled water on it.” Because it is a very old unit they can’t find a replacement part.

Did AHS step up as they were the ones who hired the service provider and sent them out? Did they stand behind them? No, not in the least. They came back wanting my client to pay a little over $2,000 to fix a unit that was running perfectly fine before the ham handed service provider broke it. Here was their response;

“AHS is not responsible or liable for secondary, incidental, and/or consequential loss or damage resulting from the malfunction of any covered item, or a Service Contractor’s neglect or delay in providing, or failure to provide, repair or replacement of such item, including, but not limited to, food spoilage, loss of income, utility bills, additional living expenses, personal and/or property damage.”

And the rub of it is, is that if the unit had malfunctioned and gone caput on its own it would have been covered.

So AHS hides behind their contract and dodges their responsibilities all to save a buck.

Luckily the HVAC service provider stepped up and will replace the entire unit at no cost to my client. So I have to give Kuddos to South Placer Heating and Air. They do know the meaning of both taking responsibility and customer service!

When it comes time to help my clients choose a home warranty in the future, you know which one I will not be advising them to choose.

I suggest that all my fellow Realtors and brokers think twice as well.

Customer Service is King in real Estate, if you cannot or will not provide it, then there are a lot of other providers that will.

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