Single Story For Sale in Fair Oaks, Fair Oaks

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•  1706 sqft , 2 bath , 3 bdrm single story FOR SALE  389000 USD . Fabulous Patio Home
MLS® 17047109

Lovely single story home steps from biking /hiking on the American River Parkway. High ceilings, updated kitchen, baths, and laundry rooms including easy care quartz countertops. Plantation shutters and engineered hardwood flooring throughout. Low maintenance yard makes for easy living with delightful covered patio. Oversized 2 car garage for all your toys too!

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Not listening to your Realtor’s Professional Advice?

After 27 years of being in real estate sales it still happens even to me. You have a client that lists with you and then ignores all of your professional advise, or if not outright ignoring it, acts as if they purposefully go out of their way to do the exact opposite of what you council.

When my seller’s listen and follow my advice their properties sell quickly and for top dollar. The rare ones who do not, set up a wave of ever coming disaster that is impossible to stop.  Their home doesn’t sell, they act in ways that kills deals, and then they wonder why they have to constantly lower their sales price to sell their homes. And when all is said and done the person they typically blame is the real estate agent, after all they didn’t sell their home for top dollar and quickly so it cant be their fault, it must be the agents!

I like to call this “first agent syndrome” because after they cancel the listing and get another agent, they usually have been schooled by reality and will now listen to agent#2 and do the very things that agent#1 has been telling them they needed to do from before even taking the listing.  It is an annoying phenomenon made worse by the Internet and a plethora of new agents coming into the field. After all “what does it really take to sell a home?” Actually, it takes a lot of experience and knowledge.

Don’t list your home, unless you are ready to listen to your experienced agent’s advice!

So, if you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, don’t think you know better then your highly experienced agent, especially if they have over 25 years in the profession. They have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people buy and sell homes and no matter what you have read on the Internet, you do not have their personal experience, intuition or “gut” behind you. Second guessing them, running to other friends who have real estate licenses who work part time in the field or who have less time in the profession and letting them kibitz from a distance et al, is a good way to mess up your sale and eventually sell for far lower then you could have.  The #1 bit of advise I can give you before you list your home to sell is, “Don’t list your home unless you are ready to listen to your experienced agents advice” and then follow it.