Beware of FRAUD in this Hot Market

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The one thing you hear a lot from potential buyers is, “Why do I need a buyer’s agent to represent me? I’ll just make an offer with the listing agent!”

Let me give you five simple reasons why that is not a good idea:


Just this last week I caught two listing agents and their sellers pulling pest report inspection shenanigan’s.

The first listing agent/seller didn’t have the pest company  bid the dry rot repairs in the report. This makes the pest repairs look far less expensive then they actually are. If you do not know how to read pest reports and you rely on the seller and their listing agent-you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in repairs after you buy the home! Surprise! You’ve been cheated.

In the second instance the seller and their agent want to sell the property “As Is” after having remodeled it, Red Flag #1. It has been in escrow and fell out, Red Flag #2, The Pest report stated that there was no access door to inspect the sub area under the house, RED Flag #3! The whole house inspection attached to the MLS listing showed that the whole house inspector had been under the house and took very good color photo’s of all the dry rot and damage there, RED FLAG #4!!!! A Quick offer, a quick sale and an equally quick regret for buying!

In both these cases subtle subterfuge had been used. Many newer agents don’t have the experience to spot this malarkey, and most buyer’s on their own just relying on the listing agent to represent them too have no clue.

So, be safe out there, don’t let this Hot Market burn you by not having your own experienced Realtor to represent only you.

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