Who You List Your Home or Property With Does Matter!

Today I had one of those very satisfying days. I closed a duplex in the Meadow View area for the highest price a duplex has sold out there since the fall of 2008-$410,000.00.

What makes it realy satisfying is that the first few days it was on the market I received an email from another agent telling me how over priced my listing was. That she looked at the comps and she thought it was worth only about $325,000 and that is what her buyer would offer my seller. Of course I didn’t respond to her email.  I get them all the time from other timid agents who either don’t know how to price property correctly, or who are looking for a quick commission so they purposely list them below market value.

The property I just sold appraised at the $410,000 list price and closed at that amount. Just imagine if my seller had listed their property with her, or an agent like her?! They would have lost $85,000 in equity proceeds!  $85,000 of their hard earned money, gone-poof because they listed with the wrong agent.  Yet I see this everyday, agents who get sellers to list their property’s for under $20,000, $40,000, $60,000 or more under market price.  And I hate to say this but, these agents come from the Big Real Name Estate companies as well as small companies.

Who you list your home with matters a great deal. Don’t leave money on the escrow table when you sell. Hire the best, me, and dont sell like the rest-way too low!

-Craig J. Townsend


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