Sellers Please Check Your Listing Online!


n photos

As an active agent constantly working with buyers and sellers I cannot tell you how many times while looking through all of the listings on the Sacramento Metro List I come across properties without 1 photo.  Crazy right? Not one photo was taken of the property!  It’s not like the old days when a digital camera cost a ton of money, I mean all of today’s cell phones all have cameras in them. There are two listing agents in the South area that are notorious for this. In all the years I have sold homes none of their listings ever had a photo.

Then there are the listings where there is only 1 photo. That’s it, one! You get to see the outside of the property but not one photo of the interior. It always makes me wonder what the agent is hiding. Is it a fixer? Is it well lived in? Are the seller’s or tenant’s slobs? We don’t know, it is all a mystery as there are no photos.  And what really gets my goat is that these agents are getting a 5% to 6% commission to do the least amount of work. That is what really makes me hot under the collar.

So home sellers, please I beg you, always interview your listing agent and find out what they are really going to do for you and then go on line and double check them. If your listing doesn’t have more than 4 photos then maybe it’s high time you fired your present agent and found another listing agent who goes over and beyond what others agents do.

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